Dynamic Urgent Care clinics deliver a variety of physical examinations for workers to ensure they are healthy and well to fulfill their employment responsibilities.

At the Dynamic Urgent Care and Occupational Health Care Clinic, several physical examinations are available. Let’s go through some of the pointers to understand different physical examinations and why they are conducted.

1. Pre-Employment Physical Examinations: So pre-employment physical examinations are conducted before an employee is hired. This examination is mainly done to provide assurance to employers and businesses that the employees working at their workplace are physically capable of carrying out their responsibilities and job roles.

2. Return-to-Work Physical Examinations: This exam is conducted at set intervals. Furthermore, this exam is critical for maintaining employees’ well-being and fitness. The safety and wellness of staff members is an integral obligation, and that’s why numerous businesses impose these examinations being administered.

3. Fitness for Duty Examinations: Employees must get ready for return-to-work evaluations after suffering an illness or injury that kept them from working. Determining the appropriateness of employee return and implementing any necessary safety precautions are the primary goals of these evaluations.

4. Department of Transportation (DOT): When there is a noteworthy shift in either a worker’s health or their job responsibilities, fitness for duty evaluations are carried out to ascertain their capability in physically carrying out their tasks. Employees who operate commercial motor vehicles are subject to physical examinations known as DOT exams.

5. OSHA-Required Medical Examinations: These exams assess if the employee meets the DOT’s medical standards and is physically competent to drive a commercial motor vehicle. Also, OSHA-required medical examinations are conducted to comply with OSHA standards. These exams may include hearing tests, vision tests, and respiratory exams, among others.

Dynamic Urgent Care provides a diverse range of physical exams to assure the health and safety of those who are employees and are doing their job responsibilities. These also include breath testing for alcohol, urgent care drug tests, on-site drug testing, and more. Companies must consult with an occupational health care practitioner to determine which physical examinations are needed for their workforce.